various kinds of herbal tea

Herbal Tea Blends for Wellness

September 05, 2023

Tea has been used for centuries to calm or to invigorate, to cleanse or to energise, to heal and to restore. There is an ever-growing variety of tea available (we proudly stock over 250 different hand-picked teas!) so it may feel overwhelming trying to decide which tea (and with which ingredients) is best for you. 

We've put together our top picks of tea for whatever you're trying to achieve, however you are feeling.

Tea for Sleep

Our bestselling tea category here at Evergreen, blends affectionately known 'sleepy tea' have long been used to help you drift off soundly to sleep. Look out for blends including oat flower or oatstraw, lavender or chamomile to help encourage a good night. Our bestsellers include Pukka Organic Night Time TeaTick Tock Bedtime Tea and Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Tea


Tea for Calm

It's no surprise that in a crisis we reach for a cuppa. Its warmth and caffeine boost can help power us through.  However herbal blends can induce a better calming reaction in the body, leaving you more able to face what the world throws at you.  Try blends with ingredients such as chamomile, licorice or lemon balm. We love Pukka Organic Peace TeaFloradix Organic Lemon Verbena Tea and Sonnentor Organic Calm Your Nerves Tea


Tea for Digestion

We often reach for a cup of tea to help our dinner go down, but with this often being late at night, the caffeine may keep us awake until the early hours. A herbal blend with ingredients such as fennel or sage is caffeine free and will help your digestive system do its job. Why not try Yogi Tea Organic Stomach EaseSonnentor Calming Tummy Tea and Floradix Organic Sage Tea?


Tea for Skin

We're all aware that the condition of our skin is just as much about what we put in our bodies as what we put on our skin. A purifying tea such as Pukka Organic Radiance Tea or Dr. Stuart's Skin Purify Tea may help flush out toxins and help maintain healthy looking skin.


Tea for Seasonal Wellness

Seasonal coughs and colds can make us all feel pretty miserable. A hot cup of something warming with ingredients such as echinacea, eucalyptus and ginger can help soothe sore throats and relieve congestion. We love Pukka Organic Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey and Yogi Tea Organic Throat Comfort Organic Tea


Tea for Women

There are a whole host of teas blended with herbs to support monthly cycles, menopause and breastfeeding. Ingredients such as shatavari and hibiscus can help bring balance. Our bestsellers include Yogi Tea Organic Women's Balance Tea and Irish brand Solaris' Bloom Organic 'Full Bloom' Tea.  Fennel tea is thought to help boost milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. Try Sonnentor Organic Breastfeeding Tea or Holle Organic Nursing Tea

Published 5th September 2023.