Our Top 10 Vegan Swaps for Veganuary

Our Top 10 Vegan Swaps for Veganuary

January 01, 2023

There are many easy ways to make vegan swaps in your diet, whether for health reasons or to help your climate impact. We've pulled together some of our favourite - and easiest - swaps to give you some inspiration this Veganuary. 

1. Parmesan -- swap for -- Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast - or nooch as it is affectionately known by its fans - is not only a great swap for parmesan cheese, but also jam-packed with B-vitamins, which can be missing in some plant-based diets. It has a cheesy, nutty taste and is great sprinkled over pasta dishes, salads and even avo on toast!

Shop Marigold Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes - from €5.50

 2. Honey -- swap for -- Agave Syrup

Often one that people don't think of, honey is made by bees, so is off limits for vegans. Thankfully there are a huge variety of plant-based syrups that taste very similar and do the same job.  Choose from chicory syrup, coconut blossom syrup or one of our favourites - agave syrup, to drizzle on toast, into warm drinks or whip into a mango lassi.

Shop Biona Light Agave Syrup - €4.55 and take a look at all our Agave products here

3. Worcester Sauce -- swap for -- Mushroom Ketchup

Another non-vegan ingredient hiding in plain sight, traditional Worcester sauce is made using anchovies.  Switch to a vegan option from Biona or try Geo Watkins' infamous Mushroom Ketchup. More of a liquid than a ketchup, it brings a powerful umami flavour to your cooking - delicious!

Shop GeoWatkins' Mushroom Ketchup - €4.25

4. Pulled Pork -- swap for -- Jackfruit

One of the first things to start with when making vegan swaps is looking at your meat consumption.  In days of old, meat free options were limited (and not particularly tasty!) but today there is a whole host of plant-based meat alternatives.  Jackfruit is from the same family as the fig and mulberry trees and has a texture very similar to meat. The sweet and smoky flavour of this jackfruit meat is reminiscent of pulled pork.

Shop Biona Organic Jackfruit Sweet & Smokey - €3.70 or Biona Organic Jackfruit - Yellow Thai Curry


5. Eggs -- swap for -- Tofu

A vegan storecupboard staple, tofu is incredibly versatile in whole host of dishes. We particularly like this Curried Scrambled Tofu recipe from Clearspring - a perfect quick flavour-filled breakfast.

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