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The Stages of Menopause Plus Natural Treatments

June 18, 2021

Menopause refers to the time when your period ends. It is confirmed when a woman hasn't had her period for 12 consecutive months. It can be an emotional time on may levels, from coming to terms with this new chapter in life to dealing with an array of symptoms and fluctuating hormones. There are actually three stages of menopause - premenopause, perimenopause and menopause which leads to post-menopause. We've put together a useful summary of the stages of menopause, detailing each stage along with some natural remedies to help you. 

The Stages of Menopause Plus Natural Remedies

You might not be aware, but there are in fact three stages of menopause. We've got all you need to know about each stage below as well as some supplements and herbs that may be of use. 


The first of the stages of menopause is Premenopause. Although often used interchangeably with perimenopause, technically speaking premenopause is the entire stage between the arrival of the first ever period, and the very last period. This stage is typically the longest – around 40 years on average! 

Natural Remedies:

This is when the biggest issues tends to be hormonal imbalance; in fact PMS has around 150 associated symptoms. Popular products to address this is Omega 3, a B-Complex, and a wonderful herb called Agnus Castus, a traditional remedy that has a long history of relieving irritability, irregular periods, fluid retention, tender breasts and so on!



As we know, ‘pre’ means before – ‘peri’ means near. Perimenopause occurs 3 – 4 years before a menopause, but it may begin as early as 10 years before. During this time, the ovaries start reducing the amount of oestrogen they produce, and symptoms can become more pronounced as we become closer to menopause. It is also sometimes called the menopause transition, and the first symptom is the irregular periods, and a possible worsening of prior PMS concerns. It can lead into the typical menopause complaints – hot flushes, urine urgency and unexplained changes in mood.

Natural Remedies:

The Omega 3 and B-Complex are staple supplements that can still be of benefit. However, introducing items such as Viridian Organic Herbal Woman Complex or FabÜ Shrooms Meno & Peri can offer a powerful blend of ingredients to assist your body in this time of evolving.


Menopause and Postmenopause

The third stage of menopause is Menopause itself. A person in menopause is someone who has not had a period for 12 months in a row. The average age of menopause is 51 – however as mentioned, the perimenopause may have been experienced for some time now already. Hormone levels have now dropped significantly, and symptoms can heighten before they eventually begin to ease.

Technically, the time of menopause is after the 12 months of no periods, and then you are immediately postmenopause; but there can be another year of similar symptoms to before, so some call 2 years of no periods the postmenopause.

Natural Remedies:

Omega oils and soy isoflavones are well documented for their ability to help manage the symptoms of menopause.  Our bestselling natural supplement is Cleanmarine MenoMin


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