bowl of balti curry and rice with spinanch leaves

Holiday from Home: Balti Curry

August 03, 2016

Why not ditch the take away this weekend and try your hand at making your own Indian? This Balti Curry is one of our favourites as it's hearty and warming but without being too hot and spicy. It's great for all the family and is so easy to make. All you need is one pot or pan and about 45 mins. You won't be disappointed! Check our the full recipe for our Balti Curry below.

Holiday from Home: Balti Curry

Cook Time: 45 Mins



1. Heat the coconut oil in a large pan, sauté the onions, garlic and courgette for 5 mins until golden and softened.

2. Stir in the Patak’s Balti Paste, quinoa (raw not cooked), chickpeas and aduki beans. Sizzle for a few mins, then pour in the tomatoes and stock and give everything a good mix.

3. Bubble gently for 25 mins until the quinoa is tender and soft.

4. Stir in the cashews and garlic along with most of the coriander. Add seasoning like black pepper if required.

5. Pile into bowls and scatter over the rest of the coriander to serve.

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