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Using essential oils to support your menstrual cycle with Tisserand Aromatherapy

May 26, 2022

For all women, your period is a normal monthly occurrence from Puberty through to Menopause. For some, it passes without too much interruption to their daily lives, but for others, it can be problematic to say the least. We teamed up with Tisserand to look at essential oils to support your menstrual cycle.

Throughout your cycle, your hormone levels are changing and this can have a direct effect on your emotional and physical health. In the pre-menstrual phase, emotions can run high and you may feel bloated or notice changes to your skin.  During your period, you may experience a depletion of energy and abdominal cramping caused by your muscles contracting in your uterus as the lining is shed during the menstrual bleed.

Understanding and tracking your cycle can be greatly beneficial. If you are in tune with your cycle you can recognise the signs and manage them more effectively.

Essential oils can be used to support you through your monthly cycle. Using uplifting essential oils in the pre-menstrual phase can be helpful to support you emotionally. The citrus family and florals are particularly good for easing you through the changes of this phase of the cycle.

Try this blend in your Diffuser when your mood is affected in the pre-menstrual phase.

Add the following essential oils to the water in your Diffuser:

3 drops of Geranium  Pelargonium graveolens

4 drops of Lemon  Citrus limon

1 drop of Ylang Ylang  Cananga odorata


If you suffer from cramping, the following blend and self-massage routine may be beneficial in easing your symptoms.

Add the following essential oils to 20ml of Blending Oil like Jojoba or Wheatgerm Oil:

4 drops of Clary Sage  Salvia sclera

2 drops of Geranium  Pelargonium graveolens

4 drops of Bergamot  Citrus bergamia


Clary sage is an anti-spasmodic and can be helpful for easing menstrual cramping. Geranium is considered a hormonal balancing essential oil and Bergamot will bring a gentle boost to your energy levels.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and imagine a clock on your tummy with 12 O’clock above your belly button. Take a small amount of the blend into one hand, and in clockwise circles massage the oil around your belly button.

Start gently, building pressure as you go to your own level of comfort. Apply the blend up to twice a day during your period when the cramping is the most uncomfortable.

To finish you could always place a hot water bottle over your abdomen to assist in reducing the cramps.


If you are at all concerned about any aspect of your menstrual cycle, you should consult your GP.

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