nuzest sprouting jar with seeds

Top 5 Reasons To Start Sprouting

September 16, 2022

So you want to know if sprouting is for you?

Sprouts are essentially the seed of any vegetable that has been allowed to germinate for a few days. Sprouting makes nutrients within the seed available to us in an easier to digest package. It also increases the quantity of nutrients, often drastically. Think about it, you can grow dozens of varieties of vegetables in just a few days, indoors, 365 days a year. This makes eating the rainbow a simple and enjoyable task. 

Sprouts are alive until the moment you eat them meaning you are eating a food that is at its peak freshness and nutritional value which is entirely unique to this food. It simply can not get any fresher than sprouts!

Top 5 reasons to sprout

1. It’s super quick

Most sprouts are ready to eat in 5 days. From the moment you soak your seeds you kick start one of nature’s most fascinating processes – and it happens quick! Your sprouts will appear to almost double in size nearly daily as they race to grow into mature plants. Before you know it you are harvesting some of the healthiest food on the planet.

2. It’s easy

The sprouting process is incredibly simple. You essentially just need to rinse your seeds twice a day to keep the seeds fresh and hydrated. Using good quality but simple equipment will set you up for success from the get-go as well. We have tried every method there is to sprout and from our experience nothing beats a decent sized, good quality glass jar and a simple sprouting lid.

3. It’s incredibly healthy

As soon as your seeds are hydrated, they rapidly begin producing vitamins in order to grow quickly. The embryo in the seed begins consuming the starches provided by the parent plant and as such, sprouts are essentially pre digested seeds meaning we are able to digest and absorb far more of the compounds and vitamins that were locked up in the seed.

4. It’s sustainable

Sprouting is a near zero waste way of producing food. Seeds go in and sprouts come out. You can use your rinsing water to water your microgreens or other plants in your garden to reduce waste even further. All of our seeds are grown using sustainable practices, to strict organic standards in the European union.

5. It’s delicious and cheap!

Sprouts are incredibly versatile. We love them blended into smoothies, added to salads, chopped into salsa, stirred into pasta sauces, fermented like sauerkraut, pickled with lots of aromatics, made into the most amazing slaw….the list goes on! Sprouts are far more nutrient dense than your average supermarket bought salad yet can be grown for far less than the cost of the same weight of salad leaves - but without the chemicals!

So we hope you will give sprouting a try!