man taking coenzyme Q10 and statins

Is Coenzyme Q10 Beneficial for those Taking Statins?

February 15, 2016

Today we're answering the popular question: Is Coenzyme Q10 beneficial for those taking statins? It's so important to take in to consideration the medication a person is taking, or any underlying health problems they may have prior to commencing any dietary or herbal supplement.

As with all drug combinations, there can be unexpected or unintended interactions so it's always vital to inform a health professional of all the products you are taking in combination with each other or with prescription medication.

However, not all interactions between medication or indeed supplements and medication are negative and in many cases, they a supportive or enhancing role can be found. So we're taking a look at statins and in particular, is Coenzyme Q10 beneficial for those taking statins?

What are statins?

Firstly, what are statins? Statins are HMG co-A reductase inhibitors or cholesterol lowering medication to the rest of us.

Statins & Side Effects

The nature of certain medical conditions, or of the medication used to treat them, can be to deplete the body’s stores of nutrients or messenger chemicals.
Statins are one of the most widely taken drugs in the world.

Research has proven that they can save lives and are used by millions world-wide in the fight to prevent cardiovascular disease events such as heart attack and stroke, particularly in patients with a history of these conditions or with diabetes. One of the most common side effects of statins can be:

  • muscle ache
  • cramps
  • fatigue (myopathy)

Although these symptoms may be harmless, they can still be debilitating for some. Studies have shown that myopathy is a contributing factor as to why many people don't take their medication regularly or discontinue it altogether.

Is Coenzyme Q10 Beneficial for those Taking Statins?

Studies have looked into the association between statins and reduced coenzyme Q10 levels, as a result of the method action of the drug. Some studies have shown there may be a link and one theory is that lower CoQ10 levels may be the root cause of myopathy symptoms.

So is Coenzyme Q10 beneficial for those taking statins? Analysis of research undertaken to date suggests that supplementing with coenzyme Q10 may be useful in the reduction in symptoms of myopathy in some patients who are taking statins.

As a result, it may reduce the number of patients who discontinue their medication due to this troublesome side effect. This in turn can potentially save the lives of patients who are recommended to take a statin because they have been deemed to be at risk of a cardiovascular event. This includes those who have diabetes or have had a previous heart attack or cardiac stent - even if their cholesterol levels are normal.

Please note: If you are having side effects from a medication or are considering using a supplement, you are advised to talk to your GP or health professional for assistance prior to making a change.

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Please note, this blog is for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice.

It’s always best to consult your doctor before taking any new supplements, treatments or remedies if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication.

Checked and updated: 3 September 2021