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Curly Ellie - Evergreen Customer Reviews

July 27, 2022

We recently introduced the Curly Ellie range to Evergreen and asked some of our customers to try out the products.

Check out their reviews below.....


Curly Ellie Shampoo - I really like this shampoo, on first use I found it to be  watery substance but a little goes a long way, it foamed up nicely and was easy to rinse leaving my hair feeling clean and not dry as some foaming shampoos can do. 

Curly Ellie Conditioner - This conditioner was a thick consistency and was easy to apply and very effective for detangling. 

Curly Ellie Mask - This was my favourite of the products I tried. Only a little is needed. I left it in for -10 minutes as per instructions. It left my hair feeling very soft and so hydrated.  

Curly Ellie Leave-in Conditioner - again with this product only a very small amount is required, it made my hair feel hydrated and my curls feel soft and bouncy.  I can't wait to try the rest of Curly Ellie's styling products. 



Absolutely loved these products , not only do they smell amazing but my hair felt softer shinier and definitely got its curly bounce back, can’t believe the difference it made with just one wash !



I have definitely found a difference since starting to use the range.

My hair is much less frizzy and my curls are more defined. All the products smell divine and don't make your hair feel sticky after using like so many other curly hair products do.

I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp and find that a lot of products irritate my scalp so I have to stop using. I've found the Curly Ellie range to be really gentle and I've noticed fewer dry patches since trying it.



Zaina O'Halloran founded Curly Ellie after finding her own daughter's hair difficult and upsetting for them both to manage. Her 'no more tears' mantra gave way to the Curly Ellie hair collection - custom-crafted, high quality and unique hair products which aren't just for those with curly hair!

The Curly Ellie range is designed specifically for sensitive, curly, kinky and frizzy hair to moisturise, hydrate, detangle, define and shine you and your child's hair.

Suitable for vegans, Curly Ellie products are also gluten free, SLS free, SLES free, peanut free, wheat free, silicone free, paraben free and free of all mineral oils.