Bach Flower Essences - Which One is Right For Me?

Bach Flower Essences - Which One is Right For Me?

July 11, 2023

With so much going on around us, it’s easy for our hectic lives to take over at times. Bach Original Flower Remedies may help to balance your emotions naturally.

The essences were developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who believed that the key to good health was by emotional harmony. By 1936 he identified 38 flower essences, each one derived from a different wild flower, plant or tree, and each corresponding to a specific emotion. Dr Bach  then categorised the essences in seven groupings, to help people choose the right essence for them.

  • Face your fears
  • Know your own mind
  • Live the day
  • Reach out to others
  • Stand your ground
  • Find joy and hope
  • Live and let live

The system is designed so that the essences can be tailored to meet each person’s individual needs, so that they can be taken individually, or in combination. Take a look below to discover what combination may help you fulfill your potential.

Face your fears

Feel Secure - AspenFeeling: You feel on edge but can't say why ---> The positive potential of Aspen is reassurance

Be in control - Cherry Plum - Feeling: You are concerned you might lose control ---> The positive potential of Cherry Plum is composure

Face Your Fears - Mimulus - Feeling: You are shy, timid or worried about something specific ---> The positive potential of Mimulus is courage.

Peace of Mind - Red Chestnut - Feeling: You are overly concerned for someone else ---> The positive potential of Red Chestnut is peace of mind.

Be Fearless - Rock Rose - Feeling: You are overwhelmed by fear and terror ---> The positive potential of Rock Rose is fearlessness

Know Your Own Mind

Trust Intuition - CeratoFeeling: You feel unsure and doubt your own judgement ---> The positive potential of Cerato is guidance and a sense of being self assured.

Accept setback - Gentian - Feeling: You feel discouraged when something goes wrong ---> The positive potential of Gentian is encouragement - cope with setbacks, put mistakes into context, and realise you're doing your best.

Remain hopeful - GorseFeeling: You feel downhearted and lack optimism ---> The positive potential of Gorse is hope

Seize the moment - HornbeamFeeling: You lack motivation at the thought of starting something ---> The positive potential of Hornbeam is resolve (being certain in your strength and ability to face the day ahead, with energy and a clear head).

Be decisive - Scleranthus - Feeling: You struggle to make decisions based on different options ---> The positive potential of Scleranthus is decisiveness.

Decide your path - Wild Oat - Feeling: You are struggling to find your path in life. ---> The positive potential of Wild Oat is direction and the ability and confidence to decide on one's true path.


Live the day

Learn From Mistakes - Chestnut Bud - Feeling: You find yourself repeating the same mistakes ---> The positive potential of Chestnut Bud is insight (gaining knowledge and wisdom from your experiences to learn from the past).

Be Focused - Clematis - Feeling:  You are a day dreamer often out of touch with reality ---> The positive potential of Clematis is focus and a lively interest in daily tasks.

Embrace The Now - Honeysuckle - Feeling: Your mind is stuck in the past ---> The positive potential of Honeysuckle is presence (the ability to live in the present, using your past experiences as lessons to move forward in life).

Stay Joyful - Mustard - Feeling: You feel unhappy or glum and don't know why ---> The positive potential of Mustard is brightness

Stay Energised - Olive - Feeling: You feel tired after making an effort ---> The positive potential of Olive is restoration.

Stay Tranquil - White Chestnut - Feeling: You struggle to switch off and have repetitive thoughts ---> The positive potential of White Chestnut is to find tranquillity and peace of mind.

Show Enthusiasm - Wild Rose - Feeling: You lack interest and enthusiasm ---> The positive potential of Wild Rose is enthusiasm and a lively interest in the world and people around you.

Reach out to others

Empathise & listen - Heather - Feeling: You talk about yourself a lot, overshare and find it hard to be alone ---> The positive potential of Heather is to be heard (someone who is able to enter into genuine two way conversations with others, without driving people away).

Remain patient - Impatiens - Feeling: You feel impatient with the slow pace of people or things ---> The positive potential of Impatiens is patience, to think and act less hastily.

Connect with others - Water Violet - Feeling: You like to be alone, you can appear aloof or unapproachable ---> The positive potential of Water Violet is to connect, and develop a warmer relationships with others, whilst maintaining your wisdom and dignity.

Stand your ground

Communicate openly - Agrimony - Feeling: You hide your troubles behind a smile ---> The positive potential of Agrimony is to open up and communicate your real feelings.

Stay assertive - Centaury - Feeling: You find it hard to say 'no' to others ---> The positive potential of Centaury is assertiveness.

Goodwill to others - Holly  - Feeling: You feel the need for revenge or are jealous/suspicious of others ---> The positive potential of Holly is goodwill and to be generous-hearted.

Accept change - Walnut - Feeling: You find it hard to adapt to change --->The positive potential of Walnut is constancy (the ability to adapt and move forward, making changes in your life with a sense of constancy).

Find joy and hope

Accept imperfection - Crab Apple - Feeling: You are preoccupied with perceived imperfections ---> The positive potential of Crab Apple is acceptance of yourself.

Be efficient - Elm - Feeling: You are overwhelmed by many responsibilities ---> The positive potential of Elm is support - allowing you to handle hectic days with self-assurance, and take the time to look after your own needs.

have confidence - Larch - Feeling: You lack confidence in your abilities ---> The positive potential of Larch is confidence, when faced with different challenges and situations.

Have endurance - Oak - Feeling: You never give up and don't realise when you need a break ---> The positive potential of Oak is strength and understanding your own limits.

Have self-respect - Pine - Feeling: You feel guilty or blame yourself ---> The positive potential of Pine is absolution and  being able to accept and respect yourself as you would others.

Be comforted - Star of Bethlehem - Feeling: You have had some unexpected bad news, an unwelcome event or a bereavement ---> The positive potential of Star of Bethlehem is comfort.

Remain optimistic - Sweet Chestnut - Feeling: You feel anguish ---> The positive potential of Sweet Chestnut is solace.

Forgive & Forget - Willow - Feeling: You feel resentful and sorry for yourself ---> The positive potential of Willow is positivity.

Live and let live

Be Tolerant - Beech - Feeling: You feel hypercritical and intolerant and often struggle to see the good in things ---> The positive potential of Beech is tolerance and compassion for others.

Love Unconditionally - Chicory - Feeling: You are overprotective of family or friends ---> The positive potential of Chicory is release (being able to take a step back from loved ones and let them live their own lives).

Flexible Mind - Rock WaterFeeling: You set yourself strict goals and deny yourself enjoyment ---> The positive potential of Rock Water is flexibility (a flexible attitude when striving for your goals).

Unwind - Vervain - Feeling: You enthusiasm for a cause consumes you ---> The positive potential of Vervain is to unwind and accept others views with wisdom and tolerance not feeling the need to impose your views on others.

Motivate & Inspire - Vine - Feeling: You like to be in charge and can appear overbearing and bossy ---> The positive potential of Vine is to inspire (seeing the good in others and encouraging and guiding without controlling).


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