Top Tips for your Rosacea-prone skin this Autumn

Top Tips for Your Rosacea-Prone Skin this Autumn

September 01, 2023
Many rosacea sufferers know how important it is to avoid triggers and stick to a routine to reduce the risk of flare-ups. However, a change in weather can bring different challenges. Here are some tips to help ensure that your autumn is flare-up free.

Layer clothing: As the temperature changes and the winds pick up, it is a good idea to have jumpers and hooded jackets at the ready. We typically think that hot weather triggers rosacea symptoms but cold weather and wind are also recognised as a trigger by many people. Dressing in layers means you will be prepared no matter what, even if the day is unseasonably warm or particularly cold.

Always carry a hat: It might seem like sunburn is not a concern anymore but you should not let your guard down. Continue to use a facial sunscreen and shade your face with a ball cap or brimmed hat if you’re going to be spending an extended period of time outside. For sunscreen, choose a gentle formulation with an SPF of 30 or higher that contains zinc and delivers both UVA & UVB protection.

Take breaks: If you are spending a couple of hours outside, whether you are cheering at a sports game or enjoying a picnic, think about taking a break to go inside every few hours. This will give you a chance to reapply sunscreen, grab extra clothing and check if you are developing a sun or windburn.

Avoid hot drinks: Coffee, hot chocolate and tea are everywhere but beware: liquids heated to 140 degrees have been found by researchers to cause facial flushing. We recommend waiting for drinks to cool a bit before consuming or stick to cold beverages to be safe.

Avoid hot spices: You may find spicy soups and other dishes to be very tempting on a brisk autumn day. However, it is important to know your rosacea triggers. In a survey, almost half of the rosacea patients said hot spicy foods cause their symptoms to flare up so beware when consuming spicy foods, try to avoid them if possible.

Bring a scarf: Having a scarf handy is always a good idea. If it is unexpectedly windy or cold, wrap the scarf around your neck and cheeks to protect your face from blustery irritation.

There are many ways to beat rosacea, one of them being skincare. When suffering from rosacea it is essential you check your skincare products are compatible with your skin. A gentle skin-care routine can significantly help control rosacea.

Rosalique’s 3 in 1 Miracle Formula has become a staple for people suffering from rosacea, especially in the summer months. It is super easy to apply and will not only give you instant coverage, it will help treat the skin too and contains an SPF 50 (we recommend using it daily for up to 8 weeks to experience results).  We recommend applying at the start of the day and if you are spending long periods of time outside, please reapply Rosalique throughout the day to keep your skin protected.

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50

Enjoy a lovely Autumn!!!


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