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Dublin Herbalists: Our Favourite Skincare Products

November 25, 2019

Founded in 2012 by Claire Brett, Dip. Herb., ND. Dublin Herbalists products are carefully created and blended by hand in Ireland; this all natural skincare brand is all anyone can talk about.

Herbalist and Naturopath Claire first developed a recipe for a moisturiser from her very own kitchen using all the best ingredients that nature had to offer. She then began to share this cream with friends and family and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. She realised she had to combine her love for nature and skincare by creating a skin range that was gentle and functional for all skin types and schedules.

Today, Dublin Herbalists have grown into an award winning naturally kind skincare brand. With a collection of twenty products for the face, body and of course baby. Honouring their core values of naturally sourced ingredients, sustainability and traceability, they ensure each product consists of only the good stuff.

With gentle ingredients like rosemary antioxidant, jojoba, rosehip oil and chamomile water. Each product is carefully blended to ensure it’s gentle to the skin, with no artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals or preservatives. Using only sustainable ingredients and packaging that is kind to animals, plants and the environment.

Naturally Kind Skincare: Dublin Herbalists

With so many amazing products, what should you chose? Here at Evergreen we couldn’t wait to try some of the products and we loved them so much we decided to put together a blog on our favourite products based on skin type and functionality.

Before we delve into skin types and regimes, we have to talk about Dublin Herbalists Skin Saviour Balm, and that’s exactly what it is a skin saviour! It should be in every household cupboard as it has multiple functions for everyone. From chapped lips to aching muscles to insect bites. Containing sea buckthorn, an excellent ingredient for nourishing the skin and tea tree oil which gives the balm it’s antiseptic properties. While the lavender and arnica give it it’s soothing and healing properties. Its handy size makes it great for travelling. It's easy to pop into the baby bag for busy mums and dads.

1. Cleansers

Cleansing is a very important step in any skin regime both for women and men. It allows us to remove the unwanted elements and outside influences that we encounter from the day and night. Although not everyone has the same skin type so ensuring you find a cleanser that suits your skin type and its function is very important.

The Galen Cold Cream

The Galen Cold Cream method of makeup removal has been around since the dawn of time and is a skincare staple for Parisian women, who are known to have beautiful glowing complexions. This cream works by natural oils gently removing makeup and impurities without the need to scrub or pull the skin. This product is ideal for those with sensitive skin as well as those with skin prone to oiliness, redness or dryness.

We found that if you tend to wear heavier make up throughout the day then the Galen Cold Cream is a perfect match as it really works into the skin and helps to remove your make up gently, while also working as a moisturizer perfect if your schedule involves travelling.

The Everyday Cleansing Gel

The Everyday Cleansing Gel infused with apricot and carrot seed oils is a 3-in-1 cleansing gel that transforms from a gel to an oil to a milk when mixed with water. Unblocking pores, removing impurities and cleansing the skin. The Everyday Cleansing Gel is the perfect natural cleanser for anyone with combination skin.

Easy to apply it only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete the process. Ideal for anyone with a busy schedule who can't afford to spend a long time on their skin regime. Activated by water this revolutionary cleanser hydrates while it cleanses leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. We found that using both cleansers in conjunction with each other gives a more intense cleanse especially when trying to remove makeup.

2. Toner

Toning your face after cleansing works to remove environmental toxins and residues on the skin. Toner helps to remove oil from your face while also closing pores and tightening cell gaps, therefore reducing the effects of environmental contaminants, while also restoring your skins pH balance.

Refreshing Facial Toner

We found this refreshing, rosewater-based toner amazing. Spritzing it on the skin throughout the day keeping skin hydrated and pores appear smaller. A perfect companion for both hot and cold days, repairing the skin throughout the day making it feel smoother. Packed with calming ingredients like Rosewater and Chamomile flower water. It’s very gentle on the skin and is perfect for all skin types.

Although, we would advise minimising sprays throughout the day if your skin is more oily. It can still be applied to oily skin but we would recommend using it in the morning and evening and then maybe twice throughout the day if required.

3. Moisturiser and Facial Serums

Moisturisers are important as they add a layer of protection to the skin. Although it is even more important that you chose the right moisturizer whether it’s for dry, oily or combination skin. Using the wrong type can actually be worse for your skin! Moisturizing helps your skin to stay young and elasticated while also reducing the signs of wrinkles.

Revitalising Face Cream

Of all the moisturising creams the most popular is the Revitalising Face Cream as it suits both sensitive and combination skin. Our general rule of thumb is if your unsure of what skin type you are, go with a cream suiting sensitive skin as it will have the most gentle of active ingredients and shouldn’t cause any break outs or reactions. Scented with grapefruit and lemon essential oils this face cream energizes the face in the morning.

Designed to brighten the skin with natural ingredients that promote calming and soothing actions within the skin. Active ingredients such as Hazelnut Oil, Crambe Seed Oil and Whu Zhu Extract are hand-blended to boost fatigued skin and rebalance your skin’s natural harmony.

Facial Serums can also have an amazing effect on the skin and are becoming increasingly popular for their smoothing ability by refining pores and reducing the signs of fatigue and aging.

Hydrating Face serum

Dublin Herbalists Hydrating Face Serum smells amazing! Scented with sweet orange essential oil, you’ll want to apply it ten times a day. I got so many compliments on the scent when using the Dublin Herbalist’s products you actually smell like a gorgeous flower filled garden! It’s amazing! The sweet smell combined with active ingredients like arctic cranberry seed extract and rosemary antioxidants leaves your skin feeling intensely hydrated. We would definitely recommend this facial serum for anyone suffering with dry skin. Alongside the toner it makes a great combination for a quick hydration boost. I also applied this serum under my daily makeup and it created a more intense glow, making my skin look brighter and healthier.

Dublin Herbalists are a gentle, all-natural and environmentally conscious company to the core. Irish owned they care about their customers and the environment with quality at the forefront of their decisions in the product development process. Using only the safest of natural ingredients and the correct ingredient levels, each product formulation is approved by third-party Safety Assessors. You can relish in the knowledge that everything Dublin Herbalists do is centred around the sustainability of the planet they love, and the customers they cherish. They are truly an all-natural brand that customers can trust and reap the rewards from.

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