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Essential Nutrients for Men's Health: Fuelling Your Body and Mind

July 21, 2023

As men strive to lead active and fulfilling lives, ensuring their bodies receive the right nutrients is paramount.

While a balanced diet forms the foundation of good health, certain nutritional supplements can provide an added edge by addressing specific needs and supporting overall wellness.

In this blog, we'll explore a range nutrients tailored for men, explaining how they can enhance vitality, improve performance, and promote long-term health.

1. Omega Oils

Men may consider supplementing omega oils, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, for their numerous health benefits. Omega-3s play a crucial role in supporting heart health by reducing inflammation, lowering triglyceride levels, and helping to maintain healthy blood pressure. Additionally, omega-3’s have been linked to supporting reproductive health and may play a role in improving sperm quality and fertility. For men who engage in intense physical activities, omega-3s may aid in reducing exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness. Omegas can be obtained through the diet with fatty fish, flaxseeds, and chia seeds. If these foods are not rich in your diet, consider an omega supplement.

2. Selenium

Selenium plays a crucial role in supporting men's health. Notably, it has been found to contribute to prostate health, and there is evidence suggesting that selenium may enhance testosterone levels in men experiencing low hormone levels. Selenium can be found in foods such as seafood, Brazil nuts, meat, eggs, and brown rice. It can also be obtained through a food supplement if required.

3. Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that plays a pivotal role in men's health. It supports the immune system, reducing the risk of infections. Moreover, zinc is involved in testosterone production, making it vital for reproductive health and overall vitality. Zinc can be sourced from red meat, poultry, nuts and whole grains. This essential mineral is also available in supplement form if required.

4. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10, often referred as CoQ10, can be beneficial for men due to its role in supporting heart health as an antioxidant, aiding energy production within cells and potentially improving sperm health and motility. As men age, CoQ10 levels may decline, and those taking statins may experience CoQ10 depletion. Including CoQ10-rich foods in the diet such as oily fish and whole grains, can contribute to maintaining adequate levels of this important nutrient. Supplementation is also available if these foods are not rich in your diet.

5. Magnesium

Men may consider supplementing magnesium due to its crucial role in supporting various aspects of health. Magnesium is essential for maintaining healthy muscle function, including the heart, and supporting nerve function. Adequate magnesium intake can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and support cardiovascular health. Magnesium can be sourced from nuts, beans, legumes and leafy greens, and can also be supplemented with powders, capsules, lotions and even bath bath flakes! See our full range here.


While nutritional supplements can be valuable in supporting men's health, they should complement a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle rather than replace them. Incorporating nutritional supplements where required can significantly contribute to your overall well-being, providing you with the energy and vitality needed to tackle life's challenges head-on. Take charge of your health today and invest in a healthier tomorrow.

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Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements or making significant changes to your diet.