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Evergreen: Behind The Label With The Best Free From

August 26, 2022

Introduce yourself.

My name is Timea Kovacs, a wife and mom to 2 beautiful girls living on a busy farm in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. I am a passionate baker, and have been since I can remember and baking truly is my happy place. I am the founder of Healthy Bake Limited aka The Best Free From low carb baking mixes, based in the Republic of Ireland.

What inspired you to join the natural health sector?

My journey began with my fertility struggles and then the gestational diabetes challenges during my 2nd pregnancy which unexpectedly led me down a path of discovery of a brand new lifestyle and way of eating that not only felt right for my own body but actually allowed me to thrive and improve my health and wellbeing and most importantly allowed me to become pregnant with Viki. The inspiration came when I just could not find any desserts or breads that met my diet criteria. And of course me being me, I googled a few low carb bread and dessert recipes and started the hard work of baking something that I could enjoy, that met my diet criteria that was also low carb, gluten and sugar free but equally as delicious. Although, what was something completely unintentional where I set out to satisfy my own sweet tooth and bread cravings, turned into a re-awakening of my passion for baking, but much healthier, with wholesome and healthy ingredients that are good for you. The people I have met along the way inspire me to keep learning, keep growing and continue to feed my soul with a well of inspiration everyday.

Where did you get the idea for your brand?

Through my own low carb and sugar free journey, after starting to bake healthier desserts for myself only and then expanding to local markets, one thing was blazingly obvious after meeting so many people and hearing their stories, my story wasn’t unique and there was a gap in the market for people with specific dietary needs. Of course, the past 2 years life felt like it stood still and there were no markets to get to and no way to get the products to my customers. The idea of the “dry mixes” was born to enable customers to feel the joy of baking with the convenience of baking in their own kitchen, in their own time. What started off as a hobby was slowly becoming a business that was quite literally changing people’s lives and just like that Irelands first low carb bakery was born.

What makes your brand unique?

The brand and products are completely unique because truly there is nothing on the market as versatile, offering affordability and flexibility where the customer has the freedom to make several sweet or savoury baked items from just one bag of “dry mix” that are truly sugar free, gluten free, low carb and do not contain any artificial sweeteners, no artificial colouring and no preservatives. Each bag of “dry mix” transcends geography and allows access to every customer on a healthier lifestyle.

What are your company’s core values?

The company’s core values are constantly connecting with customers, assessing their needs and offering ideas, advice and solutions to help make their journey to health and wellness that much easier, with transparency, passion and knowledge always. The customers are at the core of the company and being able to bring convenience, ease, satisfaction and joy in their everyday lives is a privilege and thus brings me joy and happiness.

How do you support your community?

Most importantly I strive to always support causes that stand with the company’s core values. In offering knowledge, support and guidance it is my hope that each individual and their families can be healthier and better able to enjoy life with happiness and joy. As a business that serves many young children and their parents with health challenges requiring a strict diet with no dairy, sugar or gluten. I support causes in my community like purchasing 200 fundraising tickets towards the building of our local playground or supporting our local gym with delicious and healthy baked goodies and especially any fundraising events where children are at the core like the Princess Warrior Fun Day. It is vital to stay connected to our communities and what better way to do this than to give back.

What has been the most rewarding part of your brands journey?

The most rewarding part of my brands journey is truly just connecting with the people who purchase my products and dry mixes, to hear their inspiring stories and to bear witness to the happiness in their eyes and the gratitude in their voices and to know that their journey has been made a little easier because now they are a little less alone walking on it.

What in your opinion makes Irish brands unique?

One of the most unique aspects of Irish brands is that for the most part the brands are built on the ethos and foundation of family and sustainability and the fact that there is so much support garnered for local Irish brands, the love, family and community is definitely so unique.

What is your favourite product from your brand?

I definitely do not have a favourite product (I know so cliché) each one of the products is truly a favourite for different reasons and definitely loved by me equally (just like my 2 girls).

Tell us about something that has shaped your brand?

I may sound like a broken record but the customers are at the core of the brand and most importantly are what has shaped the business and continues to do so. The twists and turns, the feedback and growth of the brand is all due to the customers and their own personal needs and requirements. Of course, that being said the brand is also influenced by my needs and the changes in my own journey that I embark on.

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