Certifications : NATRUE

Certifications : NATRUE

August 02, 2023

Certifications : NATRUE

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NATRUE is a Brussels-based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. Founded in 2007, they welcome brands who commit to their high standards of quality and integrity.

The NATRUE Label is a natural and organic beauty product certification, awarded to products made up only of 100% natural, derived natural and nature-identical substances. No substances from GMOs, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils are permitted in the formulation of products carrying the NATRUE Label.

For a product to carry the NATRUE Label, at least 75% of the products of its brand or sub-brand need to be NATRUE certified to be granted the seal.

How does NATRUE define every type of ingredient?

  • Natural: unmodified substances from nature obtained physically (e.g., from plants) or from microorganisms (e.g., from fermentation).
  • Derived natural: substances modified from those found in nature using allowed chemical reaction processes. Derived natural substances must only come from 100% natural ingredients (no synthetics).
  • Nature-identical: substances that are reproduced in the lab but that can be found in nature. NATRUE only allows a selective list of pigments, minerals and preservatives, and only when strictly necessary to ensure consumer safety and the purity of ingredients.


For more information about NATRUE certification criteria, visit their site here

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