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Prep Your Skin for Summer with Trilogy

April 12, 2017

A change of season and weather can often result in a change in how your skin behaves. Coming out of a long, cold winter can often leave complexions looking dull and grey! As you enter the warmer months, it's important to adapt your skincare regime. You want your skin to look and feel healthy and radiant and ready to welcome the sun. So today, we're sharing how to prep your skin for summer with our pick of some of the best products from natural skincare brand Trilogy.

Prep Your Skin for Summer with Trilogy

Exfoliate Away

Looking to prep your skin for summer? The first step: exfoliate! There’s no better way to rid your face of winter skin. Give your skin a thorough exfoliation with Trilogy's Triple Action Jelly Exfoliator. Gently massage into damp skin using circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Use 1-2 times weekly or as required.

A consistent routine which includes regular exfoliation and effective hydration will help give you a beautiful healthy summer glow.  Make-up sits better and lasts longer on well-hydrated skin - you’ll also need less of it if your skin is healthy and in good condition.

Follow up your exfoliation with a mask packed with performance natural actives, like Mineral Radiance Mask. Your skin will thank you for it!

Give Your Skin a Boost

For a serious radiance boost, use a supercharged serum like Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil daily for a few weeks. Think of it as an all-in-one shot of vitamins, antioxidants and nourishment. Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil combines antioxidant vitamin CoQ10, glycation-busting Glycablend™ and tamanu, macadamia and black caraway oils to condition and regenerate lacklustre skin.

It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and gives the complexion a massive radiance boost. Twice daily use for four weeks will transform your skin, but beware… this is seriously addictive skincare!

For beautiful, healthy looking skin, Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ is a good product for all-round preparation. Formulated with our flagship antioxidant-rich certified organic oil blend (Rosapene™) of rosehip, acai, tomato seed and cranberry oils, it offers intensive nourishment, hydration and repair while protecting the skin against signs of ageing caused by free radical damage; clinical studies have shown daily use helps even out skin tone and enhance brightness for that all-important glow. You’ll also find it in all our moisturisers in our Rosehip face care range, including Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream With Rosapene.

Beauty Diet

Our skin is our largest organ. Not an original phrase but it’s true, so it makes perfect sense that lots of the things that deliver health benefits as part of our diets are also good for the health and wellbeing of our skin.

Up Your Superfoods

Your diet is also important when it comes to prepping your skin for summer. Summer is a great time to up your diet with superfoods rich in antioxidants. Superfoods offer greater nutritional benefits and support the way our bodies function, both inside and out. It’s easier to prevent the signs of ageing than to cure them. A diet rich in antioxidants protects the skin by binding with free radicals, preventing them from attaching to healthy skin cells in a process termed ‘quenching’.

Plant Based

At Trilogy, we believe that truly natural ingredients are the best way to care for our skin, our wellbeing and our world, and that the health of our skin is as important as how it looks. Many plant ingredients which have specific health benefits in our diets also deliver benefits to the skin when applied topically. This is especially true of those that contain antioxidants.

For example, we know that tomatoes deliver much needed antioxidants like lycopene in our food, especially when they’re cooked and served with oil, which helps aid absorption. Lycopene is also one of the most powerful antioxidants used in skincare and is a key ingredient in our trademarked formulation, Rosapene™.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water, water, water! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins. It will also help to keep skin hydrated, supple and with more of a radiant glow!

Prepping Your Body for Summer

The two best things you can do to prepare your body for summer is to start to exfoliate away dry skin and boost your body care regime with a natural beauty oil. Pure plant oils are excellent for dry or sensitised skin, delivering much needed hydration and nourishment.

Exfoliate & Hydrate

Our Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm is a NATRUE certified body polisher which leaves skin all-over silky-smooth, hydrated and glowing. This buttery-textured balm is a luxe treat, perfect for use in the bath or shower. Follow with our Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil, which is suitable for every day, all-over use. This unscented silky oil glides onto skin to hydrate, nourish and improve skin health.


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