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Naturtint - Find Your Perfect Shade

January 27, 2022

Not sure which natural hair colour shade to pick for perfect home colouring? Each Naturtint hair colour has a shade code, in line with hair salon industry standards and typically consist of a number followed by a letter.  Find your perfect colour by following these three steps:

1. Select the N number closest to your natural hair colour – use this as your base number.

2. With Naturtint® you can lighten by up to 2 shades or go as dark as you would like. (e.g. if you are naturally a 5 you can lighten to a 7 or go as dark as a 1).

3. Decide if you wish to stick with your natural tones, or add a different tone to your hair.

  • NATURAL (N) shades are perfect if you want to keep your natural colour tone. Natural shades are best for covering greys as they provide a uniform colour and are more natural looking as a result
  • ASH (A) shades will add a cool tone to your hair and are perfect for counteracting ‘brassiness’.
  • COPPER (C) & GOLDEN (G) shades can add warmth to your hair, whilst MAHOGANY (M) & RED (R) shades will add vibrancy – perfect if you are looking for a more striking or fashion-led look.
  • COVERING GREY: Grey hair has lost its natural pigment and can soak up hair dyes more readily.  This can mean that brighter shades sometimes look unnatural. If you have a lot of grey and would like to use a brighter tone such as a Copper (C) or Mahogany (M) shade, Naturtint recommend mixing it with a similar number Natural (N) tone, e.g. 5M + 5N or 7C + 7N.









Naturtint Colour Selector Chart

 You can use the above logic for finding a colour in the Naturtint Cream too

Alternatively, if you're looking to just colour your roots, you can try Naturtint Creme Root Retouch, which blend seamlessly into your existing colour.

Root Retouch Dark Brown Shades for use with:

Root Retouch Light Brown for use with:

Root Retouch Dark Blonde for use with:

Root Retouch Light Blonde for use with: