White mallow flower - Discover the Benefits of White Mallow

Discover the Benefits of White Mallow

September 12, 2023

At first glance, white mallow is a rather delicate plant, but gel-like substances in the roots and flowers protect the plant from drying out and the high concentration of mucilaginous substances in the roots make white mallow calming, soothing, emollient, protective and moisturising.

Its botanical name 'Althaea' derives from the Greek and means 'curing' and its gentle, almost white, flowers blushed with pink and its delicate fragrance have a very calming and soothing effect on the senses, completely unlike other blooms with vibrant colours and intense fragrance. For exactly these reasons, the white mallow is ideal for baby care.


As delicate as baby skin

Delicate, sensitive and immature baby skin has to undergo a process of development and learning during the first years of life. It needs a soft protective and warming layer, and no unnecessary fragrances to bring the skin out of balance. The white mallow binds moisture in the delicate skin of babies and stimulates development of the skin's own protective forces to keep them from harmful environmental influences.

Gentle protection for sensitive skin

In conjunction with pansy, which is soothing and healing, Weleda's white mallow range demonstrates its protective properties particularly well.

White Mallow Face Cream is a fragrance free, incredibly gentle moisturiser for even the most sensitive baby's skin, even atopic, hypersensitive and dry. Extend the caring properties of White Mallow to the rest of your baby's skincare with a body lotion and even nappy change cream

Even for neurodermitic and acutely sensitive baby skin, the irritation-free ingredients are highly suitable.