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Detox & Cleanse With Kiki Health

January 02, 2023

It’s no secret that staying clean on the inside keeps you healthy, youthful and radiant on the outside.

The concept of detox is becoming more mainstream but despite this few people know how and when to do it for the best results.

Many of the symptoms associated with aging are really signs of toxicity. As such, any successful detox programme will have a noticeable rejuvenating effect, with a leaner physique, more youthful skin, brighter eyes, increased energy and heightened mental clarity as just a few of the likely benefits.

But what is detox?

It has come to be a much misused word and misunderstood concept.  Detox is about what you put into your body and also what you choose to stop putting into it. Certain wholefoods and supplements can assist in flushing out these toxins by acting as a magnet to draw them out. Activated Charcoal Powder is wonderful for this as it acts as an absorbent and will absorb toxins and unwanted substances from the system.

Toxic Shock

Your body is, of course, naturally detoxifying every single day whether you take any action to help it or not. It must deal not only with the toxins that enter it via your digestive system, your skin and your lungs, but also with the waste products that are naturally produced through cellular respiration. The last one is unavoidable, while the first three are dependent on your environment and what you choose to put into and onto your body. Humans were biologically designed to live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, eating freshly picked raw plant foods, drinking pure water, undertaking vigorous daily exercise, breathing fresh air and rising and sleeping according to the dictates of the sun and moon. Unless this is a description of your life, chances are your body needs your help in getting and staying detoxified.

As Jeffrey Bland, PhD writes in his book ‘The 20 Day Rejuvenation Diet Program’: “Toxicology textbooks list the first symptoms of chronic poisoning as low energy, fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate and intestinal complaints.” Sound familiar? We only have to look around us to see that the majority of people are not exactly enjoying radiant health once they get past childhood. Modern life is toxic, and short of shunning western civilisation and moving to that remote rainforest we cannot change that fact.

However; there is a great deal each of us can do. We alone are in control of what we eat, what we drink, whether we take drugs of any kind, what toiletries and cosmetics are absorbed through our skin, and what cleaning products we inhale in our homes.

If you haven’t already done this, it is worth making an inventory of your toxic load and identifying the things you can do to lighten it. Making these changes part of everyday life is the single most important step any of us can take in detoxifying, but on top of this we all need periods of more intense detox. 

Chlorella are tiny, single-cell algae, which live in fresh water ponds and lakes. Its tiny size and unique properties make it able to bind to heavy metals and unwanted chemicals in the body.

Different people can be affected differently by detoxing, depending on their diet and lifestyle, so this should really be done gradually rather than making drastic changes, as the side effects of too many toxins being released too quickly can be severe and unpleasant.


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