All About Arnica

All About Arnica

January 31, 2024

Arnica is a perennial flower from the sunflower family and is one of the most well-known traditional remedies used to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis, bleeding, bruising and swelling after surgery.

There are different kinds of Arnica remedy – homeopathic and herbal. The flower is processed in different ways to produce different effects in the remedy.

Arnica contains lactones which, in the herbal format, produce an anti-inflammatory effect. The lactones prevents the activation of an inflammatory substance known as Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NF-kβ), which starts of the inflammation process. It can be used for as long as needed without the same side effects that are found in painkillers such as ibuprofen, which makes it a good natural alternative for long-term management of pain caused from conditions such as arthritis.

Studies of homeopathic arnica have not proved that this method of using the herb can be as effective, although many people report good effects


Homeopathic Arnica

Homeopathic remedies are great dilutions of the substances used to prepare them, so much so that very little or none of the original material can be detected. Their principle is that they allow the body's own energies to stimulate repair and healing. Arnica can be poisonous if eaten in large amounts, so taking it in a homeopathic tablet Weleda Arnica Tablets is the safest way to take it internally. Homeopathic arnica is widely used for bruising, bumps, and healing traumatised tissue. 

Herbal Arnica

Herbal arnica is made purely from the herb which makes it stronger and faster acting than homeopathic arnica. Most often used for muscular aches, pains, stiffness, sprains, bruising and swelling after injury, it an also be used for bumps and bruising, or any type of inflammatory pain or discomfort. This makes it the perfect natural remedy to keep at home or in a gym bag to help deal with sports injuries. A.Vogel's Atrogel is one of Evergreen's bestselling Arnica products, its gel the perfect way to apply the soothing benefits of the herb directly where you need it.

Sprains and strains can be soothed topically with Weleda Bumps & Bruises Skin Salve, Aloe Pura+ Arnica Cream or in the bath or shower with Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak followed by a topical massage.



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