Trafo Organic Paprika Chips


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Trafo Organic Paprika Chips - 40g As a healthier alternative to regular Crisps & Savoury Snacks, Trafo Organic Potato Crisps & Paprika have been baked at a low temperatures, which has a positive impact on the oil in which they are baked in and to the overall high quality of the product itself. A de-fatter and low amount of Salt ensures that the fat content of these crisps stays at a minimum. Trafo Organic Potato Crisps & Paprika are delicious and responsible organic crisps from Holland, which are made from the finest organically grown ingredients. Ingredients Organic Potatoes (75%), Organic Sunflower Oil,...
Dairy Free No Added Sugar Organic Vegan Vegetarian
Trafo Organic Paprika Chips

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