Melora Manuka Honey MGO 525+


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Melora Manuka Honey MGO 525+ High strength Manuka honey with unique health benefits from New Zealand's native Manuka flowers. Support when you need it most. Melora Multiflora Mānuka Honey MGO 525 / UMF15+ is produced and packed in New Zealand to ensure it meets the strict Mānuka Honey guidelines and 100% independently verified by the UMF Association for purity and potency and quality. Mānuka honey has many uses; from soothing a sore throat, supporting general health and wellbeing, enhancing beauty routines, to being a great way to add flavour to dish. MGO or otherwise known as Methylglyoxal, which is naturally...
Melora Manuka Honey MGO 525+
Melora Manuka Honey MGO 525+

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