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Benefits of Dandelion

Dandelion is a very familiar weed to gardeners, however it may also help support your digestive health.

  • Often used as a natural diuretic - which helps rebalance fluid in the body and may be used to help water retention.
  • May also benefit the digestive system as dandelion root contains bitter principles which stimulate the digestive process.
  • Could help improve bile delivery and production.
  • Dandelion are rich source of potassium and vitamins A, D & C, iron, silica, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

Choose From Our Wide Range of Dandelion

Evergreen Healthfoods stock a wide range of Dandelion, including the traditional tea form. It is also available in tablet, capsule and drop form, in many different strengths. Take a look at our extensive range of products for more information on how you can support your digestive system naturally.

What is Dandelion?

Dandelion are a family of flowering plants that grow in many parts of the world, including Ireland. In traditional herbal medicine practices, dandelion are revered for their wide array of medicinal properties, including aiding and supporting digestive health. The entirety of a dandelion is not only edible, but certain parts have long-standing traditional benefits to our health and wellbeing. In fact, the scientific name could be originally from the older Greek taraxos, “disorder” with akos “remedy”.