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Better You’s Magnesium Body Lotion contains 30% BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil. Magnesium oil is a powerhouse mineral which is well known for its ability to help repair and replenish skin cells, improve elasticity as well as help improve overall skin health. this body lotion also contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E, all of which all help to make you skin look its best as well as perform at its best. This lightweight formula can be used all over the body, to help replenish, repair and rejuvenate tired skin, resulting in hydrated, healthy and glowing skin. This product...
Vegan Vegetarian
Evergreen: Behind The Label With Biona Organic

Evergreen: Behind The Label With Biona Organic

Looking to start your journey towards eating organic? Be sure to check out Biona Organic's amazing range - take a look inside the brand to learn about its mission and eco credentials.
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