Terms and Conditions of Evergreen Rewards

Data Protection:

The information supplied will be retained by Payback Loyalty System on behalf of Evergreen Healthfoods, Galway in the strictest confidence. No information will be shared or divulged to anyone or any organisation outside Evergreen Healthfoods  & Payback Loyalty Systems without prior consent.

Details of purchases, including the amount and description of purchases made using rewards tags within your account, together with analysis of this data will also be retained. This information will be used by us merely to understand customer behaviour and shopping habits.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. The promoter is Evergreen Healthfoods Ltd. Galway.
  2. To join the Evergreen Rewards Club you must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Members will be required to provide their full name, postal address including postcode, date of birth, and an email address or telephone number.
  4. One point will be awarded for every €1 spent. Your Evergreen Rewards card must be given to the cashier when making a purchase in order for your points to be accumulated in store. For online orders, you must be logged into your Evergreen Rewards online account. Points cannot be allocated once the sale has been completed.
  5. You must present your Rewards Program Tag / be logged into your Evergreen Rewards online account when you make an eligible purchase in order to earn points on that purchase at participating sites.
  6. Points will be added to your account as soon as the transaction is completed in store. Points from orders earned online may take a few minutes to appear on your account.
  7. The promoter may vary the points collection period and the redemption period of points. We may also offer bonus points at our absolute discretion at certain times.
  8. You are unable to use a discount code and redeem points in the same transaction. 
  9. By registering your date of birth, you will be included in our birthday club, and will receive a discount on the week of your birthday – only available Monday – Sunday of your birthday week on full price items only.

    Please note, you must register before your birthday week to avail of the discount.

  10. Points will be deducted for the value of any refunds given.

  11. Customers are unable to earn or redeem points on over-the-phone orders as the customer must be logged into their account for the points to be accumulated.
  12. Points cannot be earned in respect of purchase of baby milk or gift vouchers. Other products may be excluded at the discretion of the promoter or operation of the law.
  13. The promoter reserves the right to reject any card if it deems that it has been forged or otherwise tampered with.
  14. Your Evergreen Rewards card is the property of the promoter and it must be surrendered if requested. It may only be used at Evergreen Healthfoods stores, Galway and online at www.evergreen.ie.  The promoter may refuse to issue a membership card and it reserves the right to terminate or alter Evergreen Rewards without prior notice.  The promoter’s decision shall be final and binding in all matters regarding the Evergreen Rewards scheme.
  15. Evergreen Healthfoods will not be liable for any unautherised use of your Rewards Program Tag or use your points in any circumstance, including loss or theft.
  16. Your Evergreen Rewards card is not a credit, debit, payment or cheque guarantee card.
  17. If you have not made any purchases for 6 months, you may be removed from the scheme. You may rejoin the scheme.  Your name will be removed from the scheme at any time if you request it.
  18. Companies or organisations who hold credit accounts with Evergreen cannot take part in the Rewards Card scheme.
  19. Terms & Conditions may vary from time to time. You should therefore periodically review the terms and conditions on www.evergreen.ie