Power Bar 5Electrolytes - Mango & Passionfruit


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Power Bar 5Electrolytes - Mango & Passionfruit - 10 Tablets PowerBar 5Electrolytes effervescent tablets provides the electrolytes sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium with no aspartame, preservatives or artificial flavour. Each tablet easily dissolves into a high-quality, calorie-free drink in a delicious mango and passionfruit flavour, containing the electrolytes which you lose the most through sweat. Dosage Max. 1 tablet/ day.  For flavours with caffeine: contains caffeine (1 portion = 75 mg). Not recommended for children or pregnant woman.  Dissolve one tablet in approx 250 ml of water.  Ingredients Acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium carbonates), humectant (sorbitol), potassium chloride, inulin,...
Ashwagandha in a wooden bowl
Ashwagandha in a wooden bowl
plent beauty care collagen with fresh fruit
plent beauty care collagen with fresh fruit


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