PlantForce Synergy Protein - Natural


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PlantForce Synergy Protein - Natural Plantforce® Synergy Natural Protein is a pure blend of clean and lab-tested hemp, pea and brown rice protein. This product is designed for the health conscious consumer. Plantforce vegan and RAW plant-based protein powder meets the highest quality standards and requirements, providing natural flavours, pleasant textures and clean ingredients.   Plantforce® Synergy Protein contains complementary plant-based proteins extracted from hemp, pea & brown rice. This leads to a balanced amino acid profile, as well as a high BCAA (branch chain amino acids) profile. Ideal for those who support their exercise regime with post workout protein. Plantforce® Synergy Protein formula is a low...
Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free
PlantForce Synergy Protein - Natural

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