Nibbed Organic Grated Cacao


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Nibbed Organic Grated Cacao 200g Pure, organic, single-origin cacao, grated. Ready to scoop and melt into a hot cacao drink for a gentle, energising lift without the jitters. How to Use Try different milks like oat, coconut, almond, soy or dairy (if that's your thing). We love oat as it's naturally sweet. Some people love it with no milk, just water. Spices like cinnamon, ground cardamom, chilli, ginger, or vanilla extract are lovely additions. Or food-grade essential oils like lavender, rose or wild orange (be very careful to only use a drop as they are super strong!). And lastly, you...
Irish Organic Vegetarian
Nibbed Organic Grated Cacao 200g

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