Melora Mānuka Honey Squeezable MGO 70+


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Melora Mānuka Honey Squeezable MGO 70+ Squeezy Heaven, Blueberry, Lemon, Plain and Ginger flavours, all with Natural Extracts. Perfect for the breakfast table. New Zealand Mānuka honey blended with New Zealand Natural Wildflower honey and combined with a natural extract, creating a natural fruit burst sensation! All in a handy squeeze bottle. How to Use Use Melora Mānuka Honey to give yourself an extra bounce by making it part of your daily routine:Straight off the spoon.Enjoy in a soothing drink of hot lemon and honey.As a topping on your morning yogurt or porridge. Ingredients Manuka Honey 70MGO; Manuka Honey 70MGO...
Melora Mānuka Honey Squeezable MGO 70+

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