Hanna's Bees Wildflower Honey


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Hanna's Bees Wildflower Honey Hanna's Bees Wildflower Honey is a raw Irish honey made by Hanna's own honeybees. They make honey from nectar from spring and summer flowering trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Each batch tastes slightly different depending on what blossoms the bees have collected nectar from. Blackberry blossom, dandelion, white clover, linden blossom, thistle, and horse chestnut are the main sources of nectar for Hanna's honeybees that make Wildflower honey. Some years sycamore and hawthorn will yield a good crop and add depth and flavour to the blend. Why not also try Hanna's Ivy Honey? Ingredients Guaranteed pure Irish...
Irish Vegetarian
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Ashwagandha in a wooden bowl
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