Quest TumBiotix Gold



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Quest TumBiotix Gold - 30 Capsules Quest Tumbiotix Gold provides a potent combination of Casperome and probiotic lactobacilli bacteria. Casperome - a clinically researched lecithin-based formulation of boswellia serrata extract -has anti-inflammatory properties and may be beneficial to individuals with irritable bowel diseases. This multi action formulation also contains three popular strains of probiotic bacteria, L.plantarum, L.acidophilus and L.rhamnosus which aim to improve gut health.   This product has been encapsulated in acid-resistant DRcapsTM, which are designed to delay the release of the active ingredients. This reduces the exposure of the sensitive probiotic bacteria to the acidic environment in the stomach, instead releasing these ingredients...
Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian
Quest TumBiotix Gold

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