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Comvita Olive Leaf Extract an all-natural daily health tonic made only with fresh olive leaves to help ensure it is in its most potent form and that this food supplement captures all of nature's fresh goodness. This olive leaf extract has 30 times more health-giving antioxidants than olive oil and is 400% more powerful than Vitamin C. This food supplement helps to support the body's natural defence system. This is particularly important during winter, but also promotes year-round health and vitality. This product does not contain any olive leaf extract powders or artificially boosted oleuropein products.  DirectionsTake 15ml once daily...
Vegan Vegetarian
Evergreen: Behind The Label With Biona Organic

Evergreen: Behind The Label With Biona Organic

Looking to start your journey towards eating organic? Be sure to check out Biona Organic's amazing range - take a look inside the brand to learn about its mission and eco credentials.
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