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Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 from €34.05
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The Eskimo range has been developed after painstaking research and contains pure omega-3 fish oils that support overall good health. Omega-3 is vital during childhood for the adequate development of the brain, and throughout life in order to maintain brain health, among other functions. The modern diet rarely provides sufficient quantities of omega-3; Eskimo-3 products are intended to supplement an inadequate diet, as well as to promote healthy development and maintenance of various organs and bodily systems. Eskimo-3 realises the necessity of essential fatty acids and so have designed their products to supplement this need for both adults and children. Eskimo-3 kids comes in two great flavours - orange and tutti frutti. The tasty flavours make it difficult for children to refuse a taste each day. Just one small teaspoon a day provides your little one with all of the benefits Omega 3 has to offer. Eskimo Brainsharp combines essential fatty acids with a selection of brain fuelling nutrients to thoroughly support your brain power. Brainsharp is the perfect choice when you have exams or important projects coming up that require optimum focus and concentration. Eskimo-3 provides us adults with a powerful serving of Omega 3, boosting our brain health, joint health and circulation among many other benefits. You can choose from either liquid or capsules too.