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essential for your post-Covid work bag such as a face mask and sanitiser

Essentials for Your Post-Covid Work Bag

September 20, 2020

After months of working from your kitchen (or ahem, couch), it can be daunting heading back to work especially during the current times. You've gotten used months of commuting from your bedroom to the kitchen as opposed to trekking to work in the car or on a bus and now have to deal with social interactions on a regular basis. This means more sanitising and more masks so it can be understandably overwhelming.

Pre-Covid, you just grabbed your keys and bag as you headed out the door but now there's a few more items you need to pop in your bag to be prepared for your day in the office. Here are some essentials for your post-Covid work bag, to make life easier on your return to work!

Essentials for Your Post-Covid Work Bag

Wondering what to pack before the big return to the office? We compiled a handy list of all your essentials for your post-Covid work bag. 

Hand Sanitiser

Just like your mask, hand sanitiser is one of the things we just automatically pop in our bags these days. And it will be more important than ever when you head back to the office. Evergreen have a wide range of Irish made hand sanitisers to try;

Dublin Herbalists Clean Hands Sanitiser:

Made in Ireland this helps to keep your hands clean, protect them and keep them in good condition. It uses 65% alcohol.

Airmedica Hand Sanitiser:

This conveniently sized hand sanitising gel requires no water, and doesn't leave hands feeling sticky or slick. Airmedica's 70% alcohol based formula is colour-free, fragrance-free and it dries quickly, without leaving a residue.

Hand Cream

With all the hand washing and extra use of hand sanitisers, it’s easy to get dry skin or for existing skin conditions to flare up. A natural intensely moisturising hand cream is vital. Dublin Herbalist’s Enriching Hand-Cream is packed full of nourishing ingredients to soften even the hardest working hands.


Another absolute essential for your post-covid work bag is a mask (or masks galore). Wearing a face covering is recommended to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In some situations, wearing a face covering is mandatory, and you could be fined or imprisoned if you refuse to wear one without a reasonable excuse. It's a good idea to leave a few masks in your bag so you always have one handy!

Immune-Boosting Sprays

Heading into the colder season, it's vital to help support your immune system. You might also find you're more stressed with the daily commute and being back in more crowded settings so it's well worth looking after your immune health.

Vitamin sprays are small, light and convenient to have in your hand-bag or leave on your desk. Some research shows that having healthy levels of vitamin D can help keep your immune system healthy and may protect against respiratory illnesses. Better You Dlux 3000 IU Vitamin D Oral Spray is fast-acting with a great peppermint taste.

Healthy Snacks

After months of easy access to your own fridge and kettle at home, grazing away, it's a good idea to pop some extra snacks in your bag in case you're peckish. Snacking is essential to help you get through the day!

If you choose healthy, whole-food options with a lot of protein and nutrients, snacks can help keep you full throughout the day and limit your cravings for unhealthy foods. Try our own range of Evergreen product such as Evergreen organic almonds, banana chips or organic mango slices.

Checked and updated: 20 August 2021